We are an initiative and an open platform which explores multi-cultural heritage related to local technologies, gastronomy and culture specifics from rural communities in northwestern Greece. Mail: encounter@tirilab.org Web: www.tirilab.org @Tiri_Lab TiriLab – Introduce Yourself Template


Endeavours is a people-centred urban planning agency based in Antwerpen.

IG: @endeavoursss
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Constructlab (www.constructlab.net / I: @hello_constructlab) is the description of a collaborative spatial and artistic practice, working on ephemeral and permanent place-making from different local organisations: Berlin (DE), Fribourg (CH), Gent (BE), Valence (FR). The collaborators to projects share an approach to, rather than a method of making.

European Cultural Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation supports the current edition, The European Parliament of Urban Rights, which takes the form of an online platform and a series of virtual encounters to compile, exchange, and learn from local innovations from throughout Europe.


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Zuloark is a distributed architecture and urbanism open office, developing collaborative models and building co-responsibility environments through shared authorship since 2011. Zuloark is materialized in every achieved project, and it is redefined while it grows. It’s a living structure thought and constructed as a “critical object”.

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