David Berkvens

Belgian architect who frequents the Peyma and the Pavón although he is temporarily in Antwerp for family reasons. Specialist in processes of citizen engagement and self-building with communities.
Contact him here davidoff99@yahoo.es

Pascual Pérez @_pascualpg

Pascual Pérez Gallego

With a background in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, I have always been interested in the possibilities offered by the limits of my discipline. Co-founder and cooperative partner since 2018 of the Office of Civic Innovation S. Coop.

Patricia Horrillo @PatriHorrillo

Patricia Horrillo

An expert in communication and social networks, Patricia Horrillo Guerra uses a multidisciplinary background to carry out collaborative projects in multiple fields. After finishing her degree in Applied Linguistics, which combined studies in English Philology with Marketing and Communication, and Journalism, she worked in media such as Público in Barcelona and Cuarto Poder and La Marea in Madrid. She has also collaborated with digital media such as VICE, eldiario.es, 20 minutos, Tribuna Feminista, Somos Malasaña or Zona Retiro.

Domenico Di Siena @urbanohumano

Domenico Di Siena

Designer, Researcher & Consultant focused on Commons, Civic Innovation and Collective Intelligence. I design, promote and develop processes and tools that help local authorities, organizations, and universities to collaborate with citizens for the common good.

Pablo Rey @numeroteca

Pablo Rey

Pablo (numeroteca.org, @numeroteca). He works and collaborates in several research and experimentation collectives such as Basurama, Wikitoki or Publiclab. His main concern is how to structure and make information more accessible. To do so, he develops research processes and data visualizations where researchers, clients or users can deepen and understand complex data.

María Tomé (@_MariaTome)

@_MariaTome, Socia cooperativista y cofundadora en Oficina de Innovación Cívica S. Coop, Civicwise
How to open an organisation to a wider circle of collaborators


Arcipielago Parco Colli, from Bologna, is a collective of people who have an interest to develop urban regeneration projects, sustainable mobility and territorial enhancement. They met at the Ferrara University of Architecture each developing their career path while maintaining contacts and collaborations with others. They are Irene Esposito, a member of Fahre Associati (@fahreassociati), Cecilia Carattoni member of Tipi Studio (@tipi.studio), Giulia Mazzali (@giuliamazzali) freelance landscape designer and Alfredo Borghi (@alfredoborghi). The term that most of all summarize the types of projects they want to activate is Tactical Urbanism.

Adolfo Estalella

Assistant Professor in Social Anthropology(Profesor Ayudante Doctor), Department of Social Anthropology and Social Psychology, Faculty of Sociology and Political Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). Antropólogo interesado por la ciudad, las culturas digitales y la inventiva etnográfica. T: @adolfoestalella I: @adolfoestalella

Lab Place

Laboratoire de fabrication – Laboratoire d’apprentissage – Espace de coopération