UR_EU Ariège Embassy Session

The Ariège Urban Parliament wants to be a process to share thoughts, problems, experiences facing a global pandemic in Ariège. How has a rural territory such as Couserans county and its inhabitants lived in confinement? While we are all living the same situation, everyone within his or her particular conditions, it is not easy to know how other people are experiencing this circumstance.

At the same time, the parliament wants to be an experiment on how to make possible a meeting in a time of confinement. When we planned the parliament we imagined a time around a delicious meal to put in common the ideas that came out during the different conversations. The second confinement here in France makes us think in an alternative way to meet.

The UR_EU Ariège Embassy Session was held by Lab Place, with Ludo Pepin et Melanie Leroux, from Resolez, Marie-Pierre Moine, Violeta Tenorio, José Montoya, Pauline Pietri, Maud Auffret, Melanie, Maceo, Guillermo and Candela as invited participants.