Lucía Pérez

4ºESO student in IES Ramiro de Maeztu and Urban Rights observer for a week.

Constanze Flamme

Constanze Flamme is an independent documentary photographer based in Berlin and feels home on the road and in motion.

Alfonso Sánchez Uzábal

#freesoftware #datacommons #digitalcommons. Involved in @montera34 @civicwise @lab_place.
Mastodon: PGP:

PanDam Magazine

PanDam is an Amsterdam-based online magazine that aims to capture the urban dynamics and cultural developments of the city.

P2P Foundation

Since 2005, the P2P Foundation has been researching, cataloging and advocating for the potential of P2P and Commons-based approaches to societal and consciousness change.

FAHRE associati

Ci sono luoghi dove la bellezza è tanto magnetica quanto nascosta, impervia, di non facile accesso. È qui che l’architettura ha il compito di rendere i tesori paesaggistici aperti a tutti senza intaccarne l’identità, rispettandone l’anima. È da questa idea che nasce Fahre, lo studio di architettura dedicato ad una mobilità a due ruote ed


@intermediaeEspacio de creación de proyectos artísticos y experimentales de perspectiva comunitaria y social de

Mariana Pestana

@marianapestana_ is architect & Curator/ Co-founder @the_decorators

José Luis de Vicente

@Macroscopist New Media propagandist. head curator at @sonarplusd, faculty at @iaac, exhibitions at plenty of places Recently: #tentacularfestival #llumbcn20

Natalie Bayer

NATALIE BAYER Cultural anthropologist

Cultural anthropologist specialising in urban development, border regimes, historical policies and the history of migration.

Elke Krasny

Independent Curator at Architekturzentrum Wien, Architecture Centre Vienna

Beatrice Davis

bea Davis_portrait_johannes

Born in 1990 in Italy, Bea Davies is an illustrator and Comic artist based in Berlin, Germany. After obtaining a Scholarship from the School of Visual Arts of New York in 2010, begins her studies in illustration. In 2015 starts studying Visual Communication at Weißensee School of Art Berlin. In 2016 wins the Comic Invasion Berlin

Lourdes Cabrera

Lourdes Cabrera is a photographer based in Madrid.

Carine Obin

Créatrice de contenus de communication | sons | écrits

Mimi Hapig

@HabibiWorks – Intercultural FabLab in #Greece / place to learn, teach and progress for refugees and locals/winner of @Microsoft #TechStories

Mina Kouvara

Mina Kouvara is an artist/maker, architect and independent researcher, holding a MSc in Environment and Development of Mountain Regions (NTUA) and a Diploma in Architectural Engineering (TUC).

Maak De Stad

Antwerpen Makingcity burgerparticipatie digitale cocreatie democratie2.0 Zie Initiatief van

Steven Gibens

@Gibensje, lector Sociaal-juridische dienstverlening KdG en navorser Universiteit Antwerpen, advocaat

Esther van Zimmeren

Research Professor IP Law & Governance
Interests: IP law, IP Strategy, IP Governance, Patent Law, Open Innovation, EU Internal Market Law, Trust

Jan Denoo Ndvr

@Jandenoo is Partner @endeavour_eu & Curator @stadsform

Mascha Fehse

Mascha Fehse is confronting questions of the public and the common, focussing on micro-collisions, applied experimental approaches and a design discourse that triggers curiosity and leaves space for an attitude. She is intrigued by moments that allow a multiplicity of motivation and coexistence of contradictions. Social constellation, infrastructural relations, structural connections and imaginative associations are

Carlota Neris

Arts management, Cultural projects, Consultant, Project Manager

Alberto Rey

ZULOARK Studio Partner & Researcher / Illustrator, designer, Architect.

Natasa Lekkou

Architect and Communicator | Head of Communications at Zuloark Collective | Teaching Assistant at MACA Master in Architectural Communication ETSAM

Jacobo Cayetano

Jacobo Cayetano is a stage designer with a degree from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid (RESAD). His work after graduating from RESAD has varied so much that he ended up decajanegrizing scenography and now revolves around research and artistic/urban practice, designing and devising spaces of possibility.

Juan Chacón Gragera

Founder Member of the architecture group zuloark, a distributed architecture and urbanism office founded in 2001. Also currently teaching at the University of Arts in Berlin in the department of Architecture: Building Planning and Design and Head of Space in Making Futures (

Manuel Domínguez

ZULOARK Studio Partner & Researcher / Co-founder of ZOOHAUS [Inteligencias Colectivas]

Aurora Adalid Núñez

Learning and sharing about #UrbanInnovation for #UrbanTransitions and #urbanresilience #SDG11 #SDG5 #SDG13 in, @_CITY_FOLLOWERS.

TW: @auroravolant

David Berkvens

Belgian architect who frequents the Peyma and the Pavón although he is temporarily in Antwerp for family reasons. Specialist in processes of citizen engagement and self-building with communities.
Contact him here

Pascual Pérez @_pascualpg

Pascual Pérez Gallego

With a background in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, I have always been interested in the possibilities offered by the limits of my discipline. Co-founder and cooperative partner since 2018 of the Office of Civic Innovation S. Coop.

Patricia Horrillo @PatriHorrillo

Patricia Horrillo

An expert in communication and social networks, Patricia Horrillo Guerra uses a multidisciplinary background to carry out collaborative projects in multiple fields. After finishing her degree in Applied Linguistics, which combined studies in English Philology with Marketing and Communication, and Journalism, she worked in media such as Público in Barcelona and Cuarto Poder and La Marea in Madrid. She has also collaborated with digital media such as VICE,, 20 minutos, Tribuna Feminista, Somos Malasaña or Zona Retiro.

Domenico Di Siena @urbanohumano

Domenico Di Siena

Designer, Researcher & Consultant focused on Commons, Civic Innovation and Collective Intelligence. I design, promote and develop processes and tools that help local authorities, organizations, and universities to collaborate with citizens for the common good.

Pablo Rey @numeroteca

Pablo Rey

Pablo (, @numeroteca). He works and collaborates in several research and experimentation collectives such as Basurama, Wikitoki or Publiclab. His main concern is how to structure and make information more accessible. To do so, he develops research processes and data visualizations where researchers, clients or users can deepen and understand complex data.

María Tomé (@_MariaTome)

@_MariaTome, Socia cooperativista y cofundadora en Oficina de Innovación Cívica S. Coop, Civicwise
How to open an organisation to a wider circle of collaborators


Arcipielago Parco Colli, from Bologna, is a collective of people who have an interest to develop urban regeneration projects, sustainable mobility and territorial enhancement. They met at the Ferrara University of Architecture each developing their career path while maintaining contacts and collaborations with others. They are Irene Esposito, a member of Fahre Associati (@fahreassociati), Cecilia Carattoni member of Tipi Studio (, Giulia Mazzali (@giuliamazzali) freelance landscape designer and Alfredo Borghi (@alfredoborghi). The term that most of all summarize the types of projects they want to activate is Tactical Urbanism.

Adolfo Estalella

Assistant Professor in Social Anthropology(Profesor Ayudante Doctor), Department of Social Anthropology and Social Psychology, Faculty of Sociology and Political Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). Antropólogo interesado por la ciudad, las culturas digitales y la inventiva etnográfica. T: @adolfoestalella I: @adolfoestalella

Lab Place

Laboratoire de fabrication – Laboratoire d’apprentissage – Espace de coopération


We are an initiative and an open platform which explores multi-cultural heritage related to local technologies, gastronomy and culture specifics from rural communities in northwestern Greece. Mail: Web: @Tiri_Lab TiriLab – Introduce Yourself Template


Endeavours is a people-centred urban planning agency based in Antwerpen.
IG: @endeavoursss
FB: @EndeavourEurope


Constructlab ( / I: @hello_constructlab) is the description of a collaborative spatial and artistic practice, working on ephemeral and permanent place-making from different local organisations: Berlin (DE), Fribourg (CH), Gent (BE), Valence (FR). The collaborators to projects share an approach to, rather than a method of making.

European Cultural Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation supports the current edition, The European Parliament of Urban Rights, which takes the form of an online platform and a series of virtual encounters to compile, exchange, and learn from local innovations from throughout Europe.


Logo zuloark

Zuloark is a distributed architecture and urbanism open office, developing collaborative models and building co-responsibility environments through shared authorship since 2011. Zuloark is materialized in every achieved project, and it is redefined while it grows. It’s a living structure thought and constructed as a “critical object”.
TW: @zuloark
IG: @zuloark