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The Universal Declaration of Urban Rights looks toward the articulation of a new urban agenda based on democratically generated local ideas and experiences.

The starting point of this project is the construction of an open archive with the standpoint of diverse urban beings. By invoking the “Right to the City”, the aim is to expand the scope of debate in the public sphere composing an always updatable Urban Chart, a non-fixed manifest made by infinite inputs, where everyone is invited, in clear contraposition to the “Athens Chart” made by a few experts with profound impact in billions of citizens around the world for nearly 100 years now.

The current edition is inspired by the idea of the “parliament,” as public infrastructure to gather and connect local and situated knowledge to compose The European Parliament of Urban Rights


Since 2011, Zuloark has executed a variety of editions with diverse approaches to the main goal: the UR_Archive, where we publish interviews with inhabitants about their hopes and expectations for their territories and visualizing standpoints; building UR_Parliaments as physical and methodological infrastructure built through open workshops where those who are not often represented in contemporary urban debates can come to contribute their knowledge, concerns, aspirations, and ideas for their neighbourhoods and cities, and using the UR_Methodology to discuss controversies.

The European Parliament of Urban Rights Edition

UR_EU Opening Plenary Session


UR_EU Digital Embassy Session


UR_EU Berlin Embassy Session

Berlin, Germany

UR_EU Bologna Embassy Session

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

UR_EU Ariège Embassy Session

Oust, France

UR_EU Thesprotia Embassy Session

Thesprotia, Greece

UR_EU Antwerpen Embassy Session

Antwerpen, Belgique

UR_EU Closing Plenary Session


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Zuloark is a distributed architecture and urbanism open office, developing collaborative models and building co-responsibility environments through shared authorship since 2011. Zuloark is materialized in every achieved project, and it is redefined while it grows. It’s a living structure thought and constructed as a “critical object”.

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In Montera34 we analyze and visualize data to try to understand urban, social and cultural transformations; we develop software and we build digital infrastructures to enhance collaboration; we create production and meeting spaces, both temporary and permanent, to share technological learning, needs, doubts, data and analysis. We try to do all this using free data and tools, and we like to talk about why this is not always possible.


European Cultural Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation supports the current edition, The European Parliament of Urban Rights, which takes the form of an online platform and a series of virtual encounters to compile, exchange, and learn from local innovations from throughout Europe.