UR_EU Digital Embassy Session

How to set up comfortable digital spaces to communicate during the development of a multi-territorial project? How to conceive these spaces to allow everyone in the project to take part in the decisions and to avoid the tyranny of structurelessness? At the same time, how to register and document the activity in every territory in an efficient and non-time-consuming way?

In the Digital Embassy session we’re discussing all these questions in the context of the Urban Rights European Edition. How have the previous editions of Urban Rights been recorded? How do other organisations face these situations? What tools and dynamics can be used?


The UR_EU-Digital Session will be held by Montera 34 with María Tomé (@_MariaTome; Oficina de Innovación Cívica), Pascual Pérez Gallego (@_pascualpg, Oficina de Innovación Cívica), and Domenido Di Siena (@urbanohumano, Ciudades Comunes) as invited experts.