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Carine Obin

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UR_EU Ariège Embassy Session

The Ariège Urban Parliament wants to be a process to share thoughts, problems, experiences facing a global pandemic in Ariège. How has a rural territory such as Couserans county and its inhabitants lived in confinement? How did the inhabitants of Couserans, in Ariège, a rural and mountainous territory, experience the COVID-19 confinement? Did they adapt to the sanitary measures? And how did they do so? What are the response capacities of a small territory to a global pandemic? “Confiné.e en Couserans” is a series of conversations that offers a wide range of testimonials on the experience of confinement in rural areas. You will meet a school teacher, a retired artist, a pediatrician, a CNRS researcher, a high school student, a college student, a couple in search of autonomy, a librarian and a designer on a Civic Service mission in a rural fablab.

Lab Place

Laboratoire de fabrication – Laboratoire d’apprentissage – Espace de coopération


Constructlab ( / I: @hello_constructlab) is the description of a collaborative spatial and artistic practice, working on ephemeral and permanent place-making from different local organisations: Berlin (DE), Fribourg (CH), Gent (BE), Valence (FR). The collaborators to projects share an approach to, rather than a method of making.