Mariana Pestana

@marianapestana_ is architect & Curator/ Co-founder @the_decorators

UR_LIS Mind the Gap

Proposals for the agenda: Include new agents in the process of decision making (architects as a bridge between citizens and local power). There is a certain urgency in building mechanisms of communication amongst the different profiles of inhabitants of the public space. Strategies have to be taught in order to generate proximity between the decision-makers

UR_LIS Inhabiting Controversy Session

Proposals for the agenda: City conflict processes. Regarding the analysis of urban projects working with the paradigm of conflicts’ resolution, we propose, instead, to work with the paradigm of inhabiting them. Introducing mechanisms that don’t simplify reality, but take part in the controversies, may offer complex design answers that are symmetrical to reality. We propose

Manuel Domínguez

ZULOARK Studio Partner & Researcher / Co-founder of ZOOHAUS [Inteligencias Colectivas]

#UR_LIS 2013 [MEDS_Reaction] Taller preparatorio orientado a los tutores del MEDS ‘Meeting Of Design Students’ cuya última edición se celebraba en Lisboa, en el que se les propuso aprender aprendiendo. De este modo desde Zuloark en el marco de su proyecto abierto ‘La Declaración Universal de los Derechos Urbanos’ se plantea un ejercicio paralelo al que

Ciudadana Beatrice Galilee

Ctxt: Beatrice Galilee es curadora de la Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa 2013. I´m Beatrice and I`m a curator TO PROTECT: I would protect the rights to eat and drink in public space TO CONQUER: The right to walk safely at night to the young women, The right to don´t be intimidated and so on