UR_EU Digital Embassy Session


UR_EU Digital Embassy Session

Proposals for the agenda:
How to set up comfortable digital spaces to communicate during the development of a multi-territorial project? How to conceive these spaces to allow everyone in the project to take part in the decisions and to avoid the tyranny of structurelessness? At the same time, how to register and document the activity in every territory in an efficient and non-time-consuming way?

In the Digital Embassy session, we were discussing all these questions in the context of the Urban Rights European Edition. How have the previous editions of Urban Rights been recorded? How do other organizations face these situations? What tools and dynamics can be used?

UR_EU Ambassadors Amendments:

Upcoming –

We define what we want to achieve with the digital infrastructure:
– How to record the process
– How to archive, visualize and make accessible each territory process
– How to communicate among each territory
– How to coordinate the Urban Rights team
– How to work together simultaneously

And we prioritize which tools, dynamics to test first.

Resolutions for the UR_DECLARATION:

We agreed to try at least 3 prototypes:

  • to promote the telegram Channel instead of slack.
  • To try regular update through short videos as a remembrance of the project first steps and
  • To establish the UR_BAR as 1 hour per week space/time of semi-occasional coincidence, as there are transversal issues (how each embassy deals with COVID/rights of use of guest content/image rights / etc …) that we can deal with as they arise with an unstructured talk.

We discarded:

– Writing regularly in the urbanrights.org blog
– Recording an audio report each week on the progress of each embassy.