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UR_EU Closing Plenary Session


UR_EU Bologna Embassy Session

Do you think it is possible to contribute to a natural area’s development and care without a single will coming from above? Or even coming from a single property or public administration?

Arcipelago ambassadors believe it can be done by establishing a collaborative spirit between the local actors, creating networks, and identifying common identities. They try to do so from an initiative located in a gigantic green area in the south of Bologna, where they have initiated a process to start a dialogue between local actors to show them that similar realities exist and to generate trust and promote a dialogue based in positive, constructive and close realities.

The UR_EU Bologna parliamentary session seeks to open up a space for debate, comments, and open learning about best practices to develop territory through cultural initiatives, social inclusion, and sports in order to contribute to feeding a fundamental ecosystem for the survival of fragile suburban realities.

Arcipelago ambassadors shared a short documentary in collaboration with Lourdes Cabrera: “HILLS_UR_EU Bologna Embassy Documentary Short Film” (original version (IT) with (ENG) subtitles) and lead a subsequent conversation primarily in Italian with the initiatives featured in the documentary: Chiocciola casa del nomade (@chiocciolalacasadelnomade, @parcosassosimonesimoncello, museosassosimonesimoncello),  Centro antartide (@centroantartide) and Bologna Montana Bike Area (@bolognamontanabikearea) as invited experts.

They tried to involve everyone interested in participating, regardless of language, to share points of view and experiences.