Arcipelago are 4 professionals who met at the Ferrara University of Architecture. Each of us has developed their own career path while maintaining contacts and collaborations with others. Irene Esposito, member of Fahre Associati (@fahreassociati), Cecilia Carattoni member of Tipi Studio (, Giulia Mazzali (@giuliamazzali) freelance landscape designer and Alfredo Borghi (@alfredoborghi), member of Zuloark.

We define ourselves as a collective of people who have the interest to develop urban regeneration projects, sustainable mobility and territorial enhancement. The term that most of all summarize the types of projects we want to activate is Tactical Urbanism. That is an unconventional approach to the design of spaces presenting critical issues or awaiting a permanent destination. The Tactical Urbanism primary concepts are self-construction of public space by the local, promotion of street public use, promotion of a collective and public city use, promotion of a network of associations/companies.

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