Pablo Rey @numeroteca

Pablo Rey
Experiences: escovid19data, Public Laboratory, MIT researchers network

Pablo (, @numeroteca). He works and collaborates in several research and experimentation collectives such as Basurama, Wikitoki or Publiclab. His main concern is how to structure and make information more accessible. To do so, he develops research processes and data visualizations where researchers, clients or users can deepen and understand complex data.

He is currently developing the web community of the international network of informal waste recyclers (GlobalRec) and different visualizations on corruption and media in Spain with the color of corruption. He also develops PageOneX, a tool to visualize news coverage on newspaper front pages. In 2016 he launched with other wikitokers the community on data culture Bilbao Data Lab. He studied architecture and was a visiting scientist at the now defunct MIT Medialab’s Center for Civic