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Pascual Pérez Gallego

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With a background in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, I have always been interested in the possibilities offered by the limits of my discipline.

That is why in 2015 I move to Madrid, where I collaborate with the architecture and social design studio Ecosistema Urbano, whose approach, operating between the fields of architecture, urbanism, engineering and sociology, allows me to deepen in the practical implementation of dynamics of citizen participation in the design of the city, public space and architecture, being part of the development of projects such as Encarnación Más, Cuenca RED, Rehabilitation of mixed-use housing building Febres Cordero or the Reactivation of waterfront in Vienna.

In mid-2016, in the spirit of getting to know the international scene a little more closely, I settle in Paris for 3 months, where I work in the office of the French architect and former director of OMA-France, Clement Blanchet. There I participate in different architectural competitions, as well as in the development of collective housing projects.

Back in Madrid, I started a period as an independent professional, offering research services, consultancy and coordination of civic design projects in collaboration with other professionals, studios, collectives and institutions linked to participatory urbanism, community culture and cooperative housing.

In parallel to this, I am studying the Master in Communication, Culture and Digital Citizenship, where I explore and incorporate research tools and social analysis from the perspectives of technopolitics, free culture, urban commons or netartivism. Trying to connect these learnings with my discipline, I synthesize all this in a research on the cooperative housing model in cession of use, in collaboration with the architecture office sAtt and the housing cooperative Entrepatios, deepening in the methodological development of open and participatory design applied to architecture and collective housing.

Interested in new models of networked governance and collective entrepreneurship, since 2016 I am an active member in the international network CivicWise, and collaborate in the development of content and methodologies of open governance and distributed management of the organization, as well as in the development of projects, activities and events of national and international scale, being part in 2018 along with 3 other colleagues of the founding of the Association CivicWise Madrid.

I am a member of the Association of Companies for the Triple Bottom Line SANNAS.

Co-founder and cooperative partner since 2018 of the Office of Civic Innovation S. Coop.

Currently interested in exploring the relationship between housing and city, researching and designing alternative collective housing models, which enable new residential programs, new housing typologies and new ways of inhabiting, more adapted to the contemporary needs of a city and a society undergoing enormous changes.