Patricia Horrillo @PatriHorrillo

Patricia Horrillo

An expert in communication and social networks, Patricia Horrillo Guerra uses a multidisciplinary background to carry out collaborative projects in multiple fields. After finishing her degree in Applied Linguistics, which combined studies in English Philology with Marketing and Communication, and Journalism, she worked in media such as Público in Barcelona and Cuarto Poder and La Marea in Madrid. She has also collaborated with digital media such as VICE,, 20 minutos, Tribuna Feminista, Somos Malasaña or Zona Retiro.

With the arrival of 15M, her more activist side emerged, with projects such as, designed to collect the history of what was happening in the squares and streets of Spain in 2011. Very interested in social and cultural movements, since 2015 she coordinates Wikiesfera at Medialab-Prado in Madrid, a space where she reflects on collective writing, the documentation of History and the generation and dynamization of online and offline communities.

As a feminist, she considers it necessary for women to claim and occupy their role as editors in Wikipedia, where there is a large gender gap and less than 10% of those who build it are women. She also believes that it is essential to have more biographies of women and content related to them, highlighting the contribution of more than half of the population to history. Her talks, workshops and editatonas are aimed at raising awareness of the current situation of invisibilization of women in this and other digital environments, and to add more women editors to Wikipedia to ensure that the narrative of history is not mutilated.

To help these practices to spread, and seeing the success of the thematic editatonas (editing marathons on Wikipedia with a gender perspective focused on female photographers, programmers, film directors…) that she has been developing since 2015, she has developed the didactic guide “How to make an editatona” within the educational project The Adventure of Learning of the Ministry of Education and the CSIC.