FAHRE associati

Ci sono luoghi dove la bellezza è tanto magnetica quanto nascosta, impervia, di non facile accesso. È qui che l’architettura ha il compito di rendere i tesori paesaggistici aperti a tutti senza intaccarne l’identità, rispettandone l’anima. È da questa idea che nasce Fahre, lo studio di architettura dedicato ad una mobilità a due ruote ed

Lourdes Cabrera

Lourdes Cabrera is a photographer based in Madrid.


Arcipielago Parco Colli, from Bologna, is a collective of people who have an interest to develop urban regeneration projects, sustainable mobility and territorial enhancement. They met at the Ferrara University of Architecture each developing their career path while maintaining contacts and collaborations with others. They are Irene Esposito, a member of Fahre Associati (@fahreassociati), Cecilia Carattoni member of Tipi Studio (@tipi.studio), Giulia Mazzali (@giuliamazzali) freelance landscape designer and Alfredo Borghi (@alfredoborghi). The term that most of all summarize the types of projects they want to activate is Tactical Urbanism.

UR_EU Bologna Embassy Session

The UR_EU Bologna parliamentary session seeks to open up a space for debate, comments, and open learning about best practices to develop territory through cultural initiatives, social inclusion, and sports in order to contribute to feeding a fundamental ecosystem for the survival of fragile suburban realities.