Strategic plan to introduce citizen participation in identifying future challenges for the council of Llanes (Asturias) and to guide the drafting of its new Urban Planning Document through a cycle of parliamentary sessions in the villages, reviving the tradition of communal meetings in the form of public rural councils.

UR_BER Open City Berlin – What do we really know about our city?

What do we residents know about our city? Which plots belong to the public sector and who are the decision takers? How is the allocation of public land handled and on what terms? How are potential profits, quality of planned utilization, concepts and public good weighed in the decision process?  How can information on public

UR_BER Berlin as common good – How can we use our city together?

What if the whole city would be “common”? How would the public space be designed and used when the common good is a priority – and by whom? Are welfare and commercial exploitation compatible interests? What are the opportunities and where the obstacles in organizing communal use? What public resources should be provided? How could

Moyano Territory

Territorio Moyano revitalizes Madrid’s Cuesta de Moyano as an outdoor cultural and reading space through a co-design process involving citizens and the Administration. It transforms this historic venue into a dynamic, community-driven area for book and culture enthusiasts. With about 70 participants including booksellers, local administration, and cultural agents, it fosters innovation in urbanism and social change. This project exemplifies how public spaces can creatively engage history, future, and sustainability.